Awakening The Leader Within

In Awakening the Leader Within, Kevin takes readers on a transformative journey to a new way of leading and new way of living.  This book is about growth and discovering meaning in our lives by aligning our personal and professional goals and aspirations.  Cashman draws on his renowned executive coaching techniques in order to lead the reader to self-discovery.  Based on the premise, grow the whole person to grow the whole leader, this is an inspirational and interactive story that centers on Benson Quinn, a CEO facing a deluge of personal and professional crises.  As Quinn confronts the defining moments of his life, he and the reader learn valuable lessons about authentic and purposeful leadership, applicable at home as well as in the boardroom.  At a time when issues of ethics crowd the headlines, causing many leaders to question what drives their decisions, the practical applications of this book are more-timely than ever.

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Once you start reading Awakening the Leader Within, you won’t set it down.  Cashman doesn’t let you off the hook until you contemplate how you will live your life differently.

Tom Debrowski

Executive Vice President, Mattel, Inc.

Awakening the Leader Within’s lessons on authenticity and leadership are outstanding.  Cashman’s pragmatic approach to helping leaders align with the principles of openness, honesty and integrity are worth the price of the book alone.

Rob Hawthorne

Former President and CEO, OceanSpray; former President, The Pillsbury Company

Today’s leaders are searching for a new sense of ethical consciousness.  Awakening the Leader Within instills hope by showing us a way to live and lead that integrates authenticity with great business results.  It does a great job sorting through the confusion about what is required for real leadership in these times of turmoil.

Jim Secord

Former CEO of Lakewood Publications, Publishers of Training Magazine

In today’s pressure-charged, ever-changing world, the need to locate something deeper and more enduring has never been greater.  Awakening the Leader Within will help you to navigate through this whitewater of change by applying principles that will guide your personal and professional journey.

Stephen Shank

CEO and Founder, Capella Education Company, and former Chairman and CEO, Tonka Corporation