Lead with Agility: Learn to Flex, Pivot and Adapt

Feb 11 2011

THE WORLD OF LEADERSHIP BELONGS TO THE MOST AGILE. While distinguishing our organizations through our legacy products, service and culture is crucial in today’s competitive climate, our core competencies to flex, pivot and innovatively adapt to the ever-emerging future may be our greatest differentiator. Managers flex their muscles to exert control; leaders stretch their muscles to foster flexibility.

The survival of the fittest mentality is becoming outmoded; new leadership models are needed to face challenges of new proportions. A more fitting definition might be survival of the most aware or survival of the most flexible—mentally, emotionally, and strategically. The emerging paradigm for success will convert the concept of dominant exertion to one of internal and external agility. Survival of the most aware and most adaptable is becoming the foundation for sustainable effectiveness. Are we gaining inside-out resilience to withstand the tumult of high-impact change, or are we reacting and bracing ourselves against every change that comes our way?

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