Leadership from the Inside Out

The Bestselling Classic Second Edition
Revised and Expanded by Kevin Cashman

Leadership from the Inside Out, Kevin Cashman’s breakthrough business bestseller that clearly connected personal growth to leadership effectiveness, is now completely revised and updated with:

+ an explosion of new validating independent research
+ impressive new case studies
+ new tools and practices
+ an even more powerful virtual coaching experience

Still framed in seven simple yet profound “mastery areas,” this book serves as an integrated coaching experience that helps leaders understand how to harness their authentic, value-creating influence and elevate their impact as individuals, in teams, and in organizations. Cashman demonstrates that his trademark “whole-person” approach–we lead by virtue of who we are–is essential to sustained success in today’s talent-starved marketplace and provides a measurable return on investment. For everyone from CEOs to emerging leaders.

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This breakthrough business bestseller is back with an explosion of validating independent research, impressive case studies and new tools and practices.

For everyone from established CEOs to emerging leaders, the new book further advances the art and science of leadership. Framed in seven simple yet profound “mastery areas,” Cashman demonstrates how his trademark “whole-person” approach—we lead by virtue of who we are—is essential to sustained success in today’s talent-starved marketplace and provides a measurable return on investment.



Testimonials on Leadership from the Inside Out
Warren Bennis

Warren Bennis

  “This book has no shelf life. Eternal truths.”

Warren Bennis – Distinguished Professor of Business, USC and author of Leaders, On Becoming a Leader, JudgmentStill Surprised, A Memoir of a Life in Leadership 

Bill George

Bill George

  “In this new edition, Kevin Cashman demonstrates convincingly why authenticity in leadership is essential for effectiveness. His process of developing this leader from within provides readers the roadmap to transform themselves and their organizations.”

Bill George, author of True North; Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School; former Chairman & CEO, Medtronic

Daniel Vasella, MD

Daniel Vasella, MD

  “Leadership from the Inside Out gets to the heart of what we face as global leaders in today’s complex world: the ability to have people reach beyond themselves, achieving great results by integrating purpose, knowledge and personal growth.”

Daniel Vasella, M.D., Chairman, Novartis AG

Michael A. Peel

Michael A. Peel

  “Today’s top talent can spot a phony a mile away. Trust is hard to build and easy to lose. Cashman’s resounding message is one of truth and honesty, critical enablers of trust, commitment, and ultimately, great performance.”

Michael A. Peel, Vice President for Human Resources and Administration, Yale University, former Executive Vice President, Human Resources & Business Services, General Mills, Inc.