Thoughts on Leadership with Kevin Cashman

Originally published in Executive Talent Magazine, the e-magazine of AESC (Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants).  

In January of 2017, AESC spoke with Kevin Cashman, Senior Partner at Korn Ferry specializing in CEO & Executive Development.  Below are excerpts from our discussion about evolving organizational trends and the implications for leaders and leadership.

AESC:  The world has changed: does that mean the traits and qualities of an effective leader are different than they were years ago?
Cashman:  I think there’s a big debate going on in leadership, politics and cultures around the world and it’s really a debate around openness and closedness; should we be inclusive of the world and cultures and leadership approaches, or should we be exclusive and careful?
All of our research would say that the world is going to belong to the most inclusive and the most open.  It’s where all innovations and all breakthroughs come from — the synthesis of multiple points of view.  The world belongs to the most learning agile.
We’ve said the world belongs to the most learning agile and we have that broken down in a research basis to four key characteristics:  how open and self aware are we to our own strengths and our developmental areas; how open are we to colleagues and team members to collaborate; how open are we to innovate; and how open are we to engaging the world to create value.

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