A World Transformed: Reimagining the Future Podcast

Originally posted to Kearney.com.

In this interview, Paul Laudicina talks with CEO advisor Kevin Cashman about how executives are emerging from the pandemic and what new skills and mindsets they’ll need in our rapidly changing reality. He focuses on the new paradox of simultaneously performing and transforming a business.

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Reflecting on a year of learning, progress, and healthcare transformation with Mayo Clinic CEO Dr. Gianrico Farrugia

Podcast originally posted to Kearney.com on March 17. 2021. 

Dr. Gianrico Farrugia has been at the center of the battle against COVID-19 as president and CEO of Mayo Clinic, the top hospital system in the United States. Dr. Farrugia joins host Paul Laudicina to reflect on what his institution has learned after this difficult year, the progress in COVID-19 treatments, and his vision for an innovative future of healthcare.

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The Courageous Life Podcast

Kevin was recently interviewed by Joshua Steinfeldt on his podcast, The Courageous Life, on topics ranging from the importance of purpose and authenticity, how to inspire through storytelling, Leading from the Inside Out, and why courage may be the most important trait in leadership.

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Leadership from the Inside Out: Growing a Person Into a Leader

Enjoy this new episode of Dr. Diane Hamilton’s Take the Lead podcast, featuring Kevin Cashman.
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