The Business of Giving Podcast: Korn Ferry on the 5 Mindsets Enterprise Leaders Need to Have

The following is a conversation between Kevin Cashman, Global Leader of CEO & Executive Development at Korn Ferry, and Denver Frederick, the Host of The Business of Giving.  Released June 23, 2021 on

Has leadership ever been more important to the overall health of a nation, of a company, or a nonprofit organization than it has over the past year? There certainly is a case to be made that the difference between those who have thrived and those who have struggled, or in some cases failed to make it all together, was indeed due to the quality of leadership. To fully understand the role that leaders play and will need to play in the future, it’d be hard to find a better authority than my next guest. He is Kevin Cashman, Global Leader of  CEO & Executive Development at Korn Ferry, and author of six books, including Leadership From the Inside OutAwakening the Leader Withinand The Pause Principle

Podcast and transcript available here.