Pauses Really Do Refresh

In our hectic 24-7 global lives, is it any wonder that we go on vacation and find ourselves envying the guy running the scuba shop on the beach? We’ve all been there: checking out the real estate in a resort spot and wondering, “Maybe I could slow down the pace a bit and live here. …” It is not surprising that this idea frequently surfaces. Our hyper-performance and hyper-connectedness push us, and those around us, to the limit physiologically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We persist, through alternating doses of heavy caffeine and light cabana time. Unfortunately, the low dosage of down time rarely restores us for the unrelenting and escalating demands.


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8 Ways to Find Core Purpose

As part of a team-building session in Europe to help foster a more positive culture at Novartis Pharmaceuticals company, then-CEO Thomas Ebeling arranged for the group to visit a nearby Tibetan monastery. Upon arrival, the monk seated the group in a meditation hall and immediately engaged them in a provocative conversation. His first question to the group: “How many days do you have left to live?”

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Drive and Connection

Kevin describes the impact of leadership on someone else’s leadership. Leaders sometimes emphasize drive over connection.

Leadership Development: CEOs’ Strategic Powerhouse

Developing leaders from within the organization is a priority for driving change. As Korn Ferry has found through its work with clients across all industries, leadership development can and should be a powerful tool at the CEO’s disposal to advance strategic growth and change. CEOs have relatively few strategic levers to drive real strategic change. The predictable levers include compensation, budgeting, process improvement, increased measurement and accountability, new technologies, reorganization, or revitalized communications. That should make leadership development even more alluring.

But to be effective, leadership development needs to be more than aligned with the business strategy—it needs to be part of the strategy. Effective leadership development is a CEO’s most underutilized tool to advance the execution of an ambitious strategic agenda.

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The World Belongs to the Energetic

Kevin explains how the World Belongs to the Energetic.

What It Takes to Grow Leaders

As individuals climb higher in organizations, functional skills are not a differentiator of great leadership or a source of long-term competitive advantage, they are merely the price of entry. But while systematic processes for developing functional skills are carried out daily in organizations and at business schools worldwide, much less attention is given to the development of leadership skills. Mindy Hall talks to Kevin Cashman about what it takes to grow these skills, and how both organizations and individuals should approach their leadership development.

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The New IQ: Integrative Intelligence

On a recent flight home from Silicon Valley, I was lost in thought about innovation-rich cultures. Too often we think heroic inventors like Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison solely drive big breakthroughs. We create myths about inventive leaders, turning them into icons. In Steven Johnson’s great book on innovation, How We Got to Now, he asks, “who discovered the light bulb?” Simple question, right? The answer is not so simple. The real back story is that Edison purchased 40 existing light bulb patents, and then he worked with a team of people, who “heroically discovered” the light bulb.

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Executives Too Busy to Take Vacations

Work is getting in the way of much-needed vacations, according to the latest executive survey by recruitment and HR consulting firm, Korn Ferry. Two-thirds (67%) of the more than 400 U.S. executives surveyed online earlier this month said they had postponed or cancelled vacation plans in the past year due to demands at work.

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Has Performance Become Your Purpose?

Purpose is possibly the most elevating force of organizational, team and individual performance. But as important and as expansive as it can be, it can be easily lost in hyperactive distractors and short-term financial pressure. However, it is precisely during these times when we should challenge leadership and pause to consider: “Has performance become our purpose, or is our purpose driving our performance to new heights?”

So what is this ‘transformative thing’ we call Purpose?  Core Purpose appears to be activated at the high performance intersection of our distinguishing talents and our deepest-held values; it is our authenticity in-service to something larger…

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Character-Driven Leadership

While most of us whole-heartedly endorse character as critical to leadership, and most of us require it in the leaders we work for and seek out, few of us consciously seek to develop our own character. Despite this, I cannot recall a single leader asking, “Kevin, I have been struggling with my character. I think I need to do some work here.” We tend to complain about our eyesight and memory more than we criticize our own ethics and character…

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